Pull this plant: Garlic Mustard

Garlic Mustard is an invasive species that takes over by poisoning the soil with toxins that prevent native plants. The best time to pull it is right now before it goes to seed and makes more. The spring soil is still moist which makes pulling easier too.

Littleton Conservation Trust urges everyone to pull up garlic mustard plants on their own property and when out walking. It is an invasive plant and its seeds survive over 5 years. It’s in bloom right now and will go to seed soon.

Learn more about Garlic Mustard from the Sudbury, Assabet & Concord rivers Cooperative Invasive Species Management Association (CISMA-SuAsCo) website or from the USDA profile for Garlic Mustard.

LCT would appreciate it if you report Garlic Mustard in Littleton so we can map it, especially if it is in open space or conservation land.

More photos to help you identify Garlic Mustard

(click for larger image)