Invasive Black Swallow Wort in Littleton

LCT Vice President and invasive species management advocate Rick Findlay spotted Black Swallow Wort in Littleton recently and is asking for your help in spotting and eliminating this invasive plant species before it can spread its airborne seeds. Black or Louis’ swallow-wort (previously Vincetoxicum nigrum and Cynanchum nigrum) is a …
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Narrowleaf Bittercress in Littleton

Be on the lookout: Narrowleaf Bittercress

Narrowleaf Bittercress (Cardamine impatiens), a fast moving, invasive species has been spotted in Littleton. If you see this particular plant, pull it and let us know where you found it. Cardamine impatiens produces many seeds per plant. It can form dense stands invading woodland habitats, and outcompete native species. Read …
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Interpretive sign about Lady Slippers

Freedom’s Way Hidden Treasures 2018 at Nashoba Woodlands

Littleton Conservation Trust, Littleton Historical Society, and various Littleton Town Departments co-hosted a Freedom’s Way Hidden Treasures event on Saturday, May 19th, from 9:30am-3pm at the Nashoba Woodlands conservation area. Special places of both scenic beauty and family remembrances of the Yapp Family as they grew up on the family …
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HomeAdvisor’s list of conservation links

We recently received this note from leaders and students involved with the Old Louisville Student Conservation Association: I was teaching an environmental science lesson to some elementary students this past weekend, and when they were doing a natural resource web quest they ended up on your webpage. They thought I …
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Garlic Mustard

Help us map and eradicate invasive Garlic Mustard in Littleton

Littleton Conservation Trust Trustee Rick Findlay is recruiting a volunteer work group to control the spread of invasive plant species. Our current top priority is stopping the spread of Garlic Mustard, one of the most destructive invasive plant species in the state. Introduced from Europe, garlic mustard is self-fertile and …
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Upcoming Events

Littleton Community Farm: Storytime at the Farm

Wednesday, August 22, 2018
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Littleton Community Farm, Littleton MA

From LCF: Welcome Summer! Come gather at Littleton Community Farm for book, craft and veggie samples as we get ready to welcome summer. Stories and craft are geared toward the...
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