The trail guide was originally written by Art Lazarus, longtime resident of Littleton. Art was a retired engineering and environmental geologist. He had over 40 years experience as a volunteer conservationist, more than 30 of which were in Littleton. His conservation focus was land stewardship and maintenance of the 21 conservation properties in Littleton. He actively acquainted town residents with the unique properties in town through newspaper articles, guided tours, the land steward program and work parties. Art was Director of Land Stewardship and a trustee of the Littleton Conservation Trust, and a forest steward for the New England Forestry Foundation.

The following people assisted in preparing the current edition:

Rick Findlay (Littleton Conservation Trust Vice President) – Reviewed the guide and provided trail information.

Kimberly Harriman (Littleton Conservation Trust member) – Edited, formatted, and produced text in this guide.

Scott Lewis (Littleton Conservation Trust Associate Trustee) – Adapted the content of the guide for presentation on the website and the downloadable PDF Trail Guide.