Get Involved

“Let us pledge our lives and fortunes to aid the great tasks of Earth’s rejuvenation, and with confidence and faith, each do our part as a trustee of Earth to take charge and take care of our planet.”
—-John McConnell

For over 50 years, the Littleton Conservation Trust (LCT) has preserved open space in Littleton and promoted our community’s appreciation of Littleton’s diverse natural features through education, events, and programs.

We have been able to do this because of the ongoing support of Littleton Conservation Trust members and our community. Their contributions have allowed us to protect more than 1180 acres of wonderful natural areas in Littleton for generations to come.

The Littleton Conservation Trust is committed to leaving a legacy so our children and grandchildren and generations to come will be able to walk the trails in our woods or enjoy the beautiful vistas as we do now. Looking ahead, we are dedicated to protecting our wetlands and key parcels of open space, carefully managing Littleton’s conservation land, and increasing community education in order to preserve our natural resources for future generations.

Ways you can help LCT preserve Littleton’s natural resources:

Trails And Work Parties
Periodically volunteers meet on an LCT or Town-owned property to clear trails, control invasive plants, or perform any needed maintenance. We also conduct larger projects such as trail building, bridge, kiosk, and boardwalk construction, scenic vista improvement, and field and pasture restoration. We keep an email list and notify interested volunteers of the time and place for a work party. Come as you can, volunteers are not expected to show up to all events. This is an excellent way to introduce yourself to our conservation lands. Work parties are usually held on Saturdays and occasionally during the week. You don’t need to wield a chainsaw or heavy tools to participate. We always have lots of brush to stack and other clean-up work. Email Jim O’Neil at to add your name to the list.

Do you have a snow plow?
We need volunteers who can clear snow from the trail parking areas after storms. Please contact Rick Findlay at 978-486-4031 or if you can help.

Become a Land Steward and take responsibility for watching over a conservation property, or become a Neighborhood Helper to assist a Steward.

Walks and Exploration
Assist with outdoor and indoor programs for both adults and children. Have an idea for a program? Let us know!

Assist with membership recruiting and fundraising.

Public Relations and Newsletter
Contribute to our Newsletter, write press releases for the media.

If you have some time that you would like to donate, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us.