MVP Grant Awarded to Land Acquisition Project in Littleton

On September 15, the State announced the latest round of Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Action Grants, including a $763,000 award to the Town of Littleton for purchase of, and invasive species control on, a 22-acre wooded property on the southern end of Long Pond. Sudbury Valley Trustees (SVT) and Littleton Conservation Trust (LCT) are working with the Town of Littleton on acquisition of the property, known as Brown’s Woods. It serves as an important link between LCT’s Prouty Woods conservation land and the Littleton Town Forest. In October, Littleton Special Town Meeting will vote on allocation of up to $480,000 to meet the balance of the purchase price. SVT and LCT will assist with outreach and fundraising, and SVT will hold a CR on the property. This is the third MVP Action Grant awarded to a municipal land acquisition project completed with land trust assistance.

More details coming soon.