Walking the Williams and DOT Properties

image of group walking
Williams land: LCT’s Rick Findlay leads group walk
A group of 15 interested citizens walked the Williams property and the nearby tract offered to Littleton by Mass DOT on Wednesday, October 5, 2016. A second group walked these lands on November 13, 2016.

Both of these properties are on the warrant for Special Town Meeting on November 16, 2016. There are common reasons to consider them both and some more unique reasons for each. They both provide forests of trees that can consume some of the carbon impact of all the new development happening elsewhere in town. They both hold the potential to offer recreational use and they both have vernal pools, trails and forest habitat. And, if not protected, both have the potential to be acquired for development and add significant cost to municipal services along with increased environmental impact.

The Williams property is 32.25 acres and connects to the Newtown Hill Conservation Area. It has trails for recreation, wetlands including part of Doleful Pond and mature forests. It is peacefully quiet, offering a respite from today’s noise and always-on electronics. The trails are in active use for horseback riding and are also attractive for hiking and mountain biking. The Williams property is appealing for its size, proximity to existing conservation land and because about 20% of it lies within or abuts┬áMA Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program (MNHESP) BioMap2 Core Habitat and Critical Natural Landscape designated areas

DOT property: vernal pool on adjacent developer’s land
The DOT land is adjacent to Route 2 and is less quiet though still providing environmental value and a sense of being in the woods. It too has trails suitable for horses, walking or mountain biking. It is adjacent to a parcel that has been purchased for development. If it is not protected, the developer may acquire it to make possible a much larger development.

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