Unique Views of Long Lake

Three walkers joined leader and LCT Trustee Dustin Neild and trustee Scott Lewis for a walk on the ice through the backwater of Long Lake on Saturday, January 20, 2018. We saw parts of Long Lake that one cannot usually see up close unless they are willing to work a kayak through narrow openings in the brushy backwater swamp.

The recent extreme cold hasn’t been much fun but it created a temporary opportunity to see some areas not normally accessible on foot. As we ended our walk, temperatures were rising. We do not advise exploring this part of the lake on the ice at all and, especially, not alone.

This morning’s group was rewarded with some unique views of parts of the lake, animal tracks and other signs of wildlife. We also saw typical winter bird species and had a red-tailed hawk fly overhead. We also saw snow fleas, also known as springtails. Read more in Wired Magazine.

Here are some photos from our walk. Click on to view them as a slideshow then use your arrow keys, on-screen arrows or swipe on a touch screen device.