Nashoba Wetlands


Approximately 1 to 2 acres of this land is forest, with the remainder being a mature wooded swamp. A small narrow inaccessible pond (about 1 acre) occurs along the western edge of the property. The forested acreage consists of a 500 feet long peninsula perpendicular to Nashoba Road. The land surface of the peninsula rises as high as 7 to 8 feet above the surrounding swamp. Vegetation species observed in 1998 include:

Wooded Swamp: Oaks, red maple, sweet pepperbush, ferns, high bush blueberry, mosses, and button bush.

Forested Peninsula: Beech, oak, red maple, black birch, witch hazel, and tea berry.

The forested peninsula provides an excellent opportunity to penetrate deep into the center of an extensive mature wooded swamp without struggling through muck, water and hummocks. The swamp contains large Maple, and Oak trees with an understory of Sweet Pepperbush, blueberry, mosses and ferns. The trail provides good opportunities to observe swamp wildlife and vegetation species.

Acreage: 25 


Access is off Nashoba Road. Parking space for one car exists on the opposite side of the road from the sign.

Parking: Moderate
Owned by: LCT
Restriction held by: LCT


A center trail was cut in 1998 for the entire length of this peninsula, starting at Nashoba Road by the left side of the sign marked "Nashoba Wetlands".


This land was donated to the Trust by Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kimball and Josephine R. Whitcomb in 1964 and 1965.




  • Hiking
  • Geocaching


Soft muck in swamp.


Andy Curran