Support Conservation Land Acquisition in Littleton

Our goal is to raise $100,000 for a land acquisition fund that will be used when LCT sees the need to support acquiring conservation land in Littleton. Examples could be paying for survey or deed research, or paying for part or all of the cost of the land, paying legal fees associated with land acquisition.

LCT may or may not be the acquirer. For example, we might be supporting the process of the town acquiring land by paying some fees before the town can allocate funds through town meeting. Similarly, LCT may or may not end up holding the Conservation Restriction on the land. We will try to support opportunities that we think have real conservation value.

Currently we are considering supporting the acquisition of Lyle Webster’s 36+ acres on Bulkely Road. The town’s purchase of this property will be on the warrant for the November 1st Town Meeting.

Funds not used for the current project will remain in the fund for future acquisition opportunities.