Remembering Grant Marley

Former LCT Trustee Grant Marley passed away on Sunday, April 23, 2023. Grant will be missed by many who had the privilege of going on a bird walk with him or of seeing a Bald Eagle in Central, Massachusetts.

From Grant’s obituary:
“Grant’s joy in life was birding. He was involved with the re-introduction of Bald Eagles to Central Massachusetts, worked periodically for Massachusetts Audubon Society, and led birding trips to the North Shore, Central Massachusetts, and Cape Cod. Spring was spent leading birding trips at Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge and Fall would find him hawk-watching at Mt. Wachusett. As his eyesight diminished, he relied more and more on birding by ear, identifying birds by song and call, often before others with him could see the bird.”

Grant as a great friend. We are grateful for all he did for LCT, for birds and for those he taught by example.

See Grant’s obituary at Badger Funeral Home’s website.