Register for Weed Warrior Training

Learn how to identify and manage some of our most common invasive plants. In the beginning of the training we will show you how to identify the plants in the field and compare them to any look-a-likes that are present. After this orientation, we will hand pull some of the invasives in Browns Woods.

Weed Warriors are volunteers who work independently and on trail crews on conservation and their own properties to manually remove invasive plants. This is a great opportunity for volunteers with an aptitude for plant identification and a willingness to work independently and on your own schedule.

Weed Warriors

  • Attend a training session on invasive plant identification (including common look-a-likes) and on when to use specific removal treatments.
  • Demonstrate an ability to identify the target invasive plants and an understanding of the desired removal techniques.
  • Once certified, Weed Warriors can go out on their own time to any designated location to manage the invasive plants present. Certified Weed Warriors are allowed to supervise their family unit or a friend (social distanced of course) to assist tackling the invasive plants.

We have reached capacity for this training.

If you registered and said we can count on you to attend, we will send you a reminder a few days before the training.

If you registered and said you may be able to attend, we will let you know if it looks like there is room for you shortly.

If you did not register but might be interested in a future training, please fill out the survey form.