Pull Garlic Mustard Now

From LCT Trustee Rick Findlay,

Garlic Mustard Flower and Seedpods
Garlic Mustard Flower and Seedpods
Now is the time to pull Garlic Mustard to prevent it from spreading around town. If you see it on trails, please pull it and send its location to us.

Consider adopting your road if it has Garlic Mustard, and start a multiyear project to remove it. Get some neighbors involved if there is a lot. Garlic Mustard seeds last for many years and it will take more than one pulling to permanently remove it.

Garlic Mustard is particularly bad in that it grows invasively and it releases toxins into the soil that prevent native competitors from growing. You can search for Garlic Mustard online to learn a lot more about it or read about in the LCT Invasive Plant Control project.

Late in the season, seeds can develop on pulled plants left in the woods. If seeds have formed, pulled plants should be put in black plastic bags and left in the sun for a couple of weeks.

field of garlic mustard
Garlic Mustard taking over the floor of a deciduous forest