Two Brothers Trail


This trail begins at Conant Park. It is 1.5 miles long (about a 45 minute walk). After following the trail for a while you can see a boardwalk on the right. The boardwalk leads to the Russell Street School and the track area. When you continue on the trail, you cross an old fire road. Cross over the fire road to stay on the trail. In a few minutes the trail takes a sharp left. Follow the trail to the left and you see a flight of stairs. When you reach the top of the stairs, you are at the parking lot behind the town offices.

Walk to King Street and turn right down the sidewalk until you reach the Congregational Church. Across from the church, you can see a sign for Two Brothers Trail. (This parcel of land is known as the Morgan Land.) Cross the street and follow the old dirt road to the field. Once in the field, follow the trail along the stone wall until you reach the edge of the forest. You might be lucky enough to see a red-tailed hawk circling overhead.

As you enter the forest, you cross a stone wall that signifies the end of the Morgan Land and the beginning of the Prouty Woods Community Forest, a 107 acre forest owned and maintained by the New England Forestry Foundation (NEFF). Follow the Conservation Trust markers to the top of the hill down to the Long Lake shore. At trail intersections, there are 4×4 wooden posts giving directions.

Following the direction of the sign post, continue on the trail as it goes up to the top of Wilderness Hill. From there, the trail proceeds down the hill to the shore of Long Lake.


The Two Brothers Trail, established by Boy Scouts over 10 years ago begins in Littleton Conservation Trust property (Conant Park) and traverses Town owned land and streets all the way through the Morgan Land and terminates on NEFF property (Prouty Woods) where there is a NEFF loop trail (see Prouty Woods Forest map).

See the Morgan Land map for the section of Two Brothers trail that continues from King St. into the NEFF Prouty Woods Community Forest and the Prouty Woods map for the trail to Long Lake.


Three places to park and access the trail:

Off White Street at Conant Park.

In the Congregational Church parking lot.

In the parking lot near the Town Offices on Shattuck Street.

Map Legend

Congregational Church Parking Lot
Town Offices Parking Lot
White Street (Conant Park)


Owned by: LCT, Town of Littleton Conservation Restriction held by: LCT  


The Two Brothers Trail was constructed by Eagle Scout candidates working with the Littleton Conservation Trust. The Eagle Scout candidates were from Littleton Boy Scout Troop 1 and included: Greg Billingham, Zach Brown, Chris Sewell, and Ryan Smith. Funding for the trail was provided by a grant from the Department of Environmental Management Greenways and Trails program.

Two Brothers Trail Map

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Birding, Hiking/Walking, Wildlife Viewing  


Steep hillside at Prouty Woods Community Forest.