Town Forest


The pine grove is mostly surrounded by swamp and dense woodlands, which features some very tall, mature white pine trees. The grove is suitable for picnicking. The forest extends southerly to a hillside. New trails and boardwalks were created in 2021 and 2022. See the map for details. The map includes trails in Town Forest and Brown’s Woods.


Access to the property is by a trail that starts approximately 300 feet north of the parking pull off and sign (toward Foster Street). Parking is very difficult as the shoulders are very narrow along Harwood Avenue at this location. Parking is best at Bumblebee Park with a walk of 5-10 minutes to the trail head.

Map Legend

Harwood Avenue


Size: 77.5 acres

Owned by: Town of Littleton Conservation Restriction held by: Board of Selectmen  

Town Forest Map

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Birding, Hiking/Walking, Wildlife Viewing  


Poison ivy, swamp.