Frost Corner


A wooden bench is nestled into the small hillside. The location is a good place for resting on long walks or bike rides. Frost Corner is a few minutes walk from Long Lake Park, Nashoba Wetlands, and Sarah Doublet Forest.

Although diminutive, this small parcel of Frost Corners features about a dozen tall, attractive red pines. Red pines are not native to our area, but were often planted years ago for forest restoration. In the spring and summer, you might also find lady slippers, pipsissewa, and bayberry hiding on the property.


There is space for one car on the side of Nashoba Road.

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Newtown Road and Nashoba Road


Size: 9.1 acres

Acquired: 1967 and 1998

Owned by: LCT Conservation Restriction held by: LCT  


The lands were gifts in 1967 and 1998 to the Littleton Conservation Trust by the Ruth Frost family who lived on the property across Newtown Road.

Frost Corner Map

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Watch out for traffic on Newtown Road.