Brook Way


This property is pie-shaped with 340 feet of frontage on King Street extending northerly about 1000 feet. Most of the land is wet meadow with a brook flowing through the center of the property. The east side, bordering on the Castle-in-the-Trees playground, is dense woodland with very old trees and abandoned farmland.

Note that this trail is not accessible most of the time. Animal trails are abundant with evidence of beaver and deer but it is difficult to get in to see them except during very dry times.


Short trail to a beaver dam from the abandoned skate board park. Beaver dams and debris have resulted in flooding of the trail along the brook and made most of this area inaccessible.


Parking is available at Castle-in-the-Trees off King Street. A brown sign marked “Brook Way” is visible from King Street.

Note that this trail is not accessible most of the time.

Map Legend

King Street (Castle in the Trees Parking)


Size: 7.2 acres

Owned by: LCT Conservation Restriction held by: LCT  


In 1998, R. D. Kanniard Homes Inc. donated the land now known as Brook Way to the Littleton Conservation Trust.


Soft mud in meadow, often wet and impassable.