New website

The site you are seeing here is a brand new site that would not be possible without the original LCT website work done by Jim Campbell, all the additions done with the Trail Guide that Art Lazarus created and the input of Jim O’Neil, Karen O’Neil, Rick Findlay, Bill Brown, Zach Brown, Don Maciver and others.

A while back, Jim O’Neil proposed that LCT update their website and prototyped a new site. More recently, Scott Lewis worked with Jim to develop the new site you see here.

The new website runs on a content management system that will make it easier and more efficient to publish updated content, event information and newsletter archives. It also features a new database of information about the conservation lands of Littleton that generates the trail overview table, individual trail pages and online trail guide from a single source of content. This makes the new site much easier to manage and ensures that you see the same information no matter how you choose to view the trail content.

We hope you find the new site useful and easy to use. If you encounter any problems, have questions or think something else should be here that isn’t yet, please let us know with the Website Feedback form on the Contact Us menu.