New England Garlic Mustard Pull

Garlic Mustard
Garlic Mustard

What: A collaborative effort, in partnership with the The Stewardship Network in the Great Lakes region, to restore and protect natural ecosystems. The goal is to encourage people to get out on the land and care for local natural areas in a fun and engaging way! 2015 is our second year to rally volunteers across New England.

Dates: Late April through early June 2015

Location: Anywhere in New England that garlic mustard is present

Who: Anyone can participate! Pull in your own backyard, in a beloved nearby conservation area, with friends, with volunteers, with a school group.

How: Keep track of how much or how many bags of garlic mustard you’ve pulled and report your bags here!

For more details, see the Stewardship Network: New England article.

Also see the Forest Invasive Plants Resource Center’s article on Garlic Mustard for info on control methods. Note that if you are going to burn it, it should be thoroughly dried first.