Nashoba Hill: Vision Quest and Nashobah Plantation

This Friends of Pine Hawk presentation will interest LCT members and Littleton area residents interested in the history of the area and the Nashoba Indians.

Wednesday, October 25, 7 p.m. @ Acton Memorial Library (486 Main St.) is next to the Acton Town Hall. Entry from back parking lot accessible from the Woodbury Lane side street.

A very special local hill roars! The Indians thought the winds were pent up inside, the Colonials said it sounded like cannons, some folks climbed it to await “the rapture,” and others erected a stone altar atop it. Its history is even stranger than anything that has swooshed down its slopes or taken its chair-lift up. Gather ‘round the ski lodge fire, friends, and hear Dan Boudillon recount the strange tale of Nashoba Hill—of a dark king under the mountain and an island village of vision quests and shamans. Boudillion has presented and written on the history of the Nashobah Plantation area since 1999. Acton Memorial Library; free. No pre-registration necessary. Light refreshments.

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