Littleton’s Leash Bylaw Tightened Temporarily

The Littleton Select Board passed an order requiring all dogs to remain on leash during the Covid-19 Crisis. This is not a permanent change to the leash bylaw. The change is intended to help ensure social distancing during this difficult time.

Per the direction of the Littleton Board of Selectmen on April 6, 2020:

Due to the increased use of our open spaces and trails during this state of emergency, all dogs must be leashed. Unleashed dogs or those on a long leash can approach other hikers or other dogs and create close interactions that do not comply with social distancing.

This will be monitored by the Littleton Police Department.

Thank you for your cooperation in this, as well as staying socially distanced on the trails.

This sign is now posted at the entrances to most conservation land and other open space: