Littleton Trails Hiking Challenge


THE HIKING CHALLENGE HAS CONCLUDED AS OF DECEMBER 31, 2021. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED. It was wonderful to see everyone “get outside” and enjoy our beautiful conservation areas during the pandemic. Plans are in the works for a new and different challenge in the upcoming year(s). Stay tuned!



The Hike 20 in 2020 Hiking Challenge was a huge success.
Due to the popularity of the challenge and the desire for folks to “get outside” during the pandemic, we have decided to continue the challenge into 2021.

With the vaccine on the horizon, let’s hope that the virus situation improves rapidly and we will actually be able to engage our fellow hikers in conversations and see their faces, before another year passes. Until that time comes, please continue to keep safe distance and wear your mask.

The Littleton Trails Hiking Challenge is now called:

Hike 20 in 2021

What is the Littleton Trails Hiking Challenge?

Looking for a challenge to motivate you to get outside all year round? Littleton Conservation Commission and Littleton Conservation Trust (LCT) have compiled a list of awesome, family-friendly, local hiking challenges for you.

Challenge yourself this year to increase health, decrease stress, and spend quality time making memories with your loved ones. Everyone, regardless of age, is welcome to participate in the challenge. See the rules below.

Hike 20 of the trails listed on the Hiking Log form and receive a “Hike Littleton Trails” sew on patch.


Share Your Progress (optional)

We would love to see your progress as you proceed through the challenge. Post some interesting photos of your journey on the Littleton Trails Facebook page. If you complete all 20 trails in the Hiking Challenge, your selfie and name will be posted on the Hike Littleton Wall of Fame on the Littleton Trails Facebook page.

By submitting a photo in the Littleton 2021 Hiking Challenge, sponsored by Littleton Conservation Trust (LCT) and Littleton Conservation Commission (LCC), you are granting permission to LCT and LCC to use your photo and name for display on Littleton Trails Facebook page, at public events, on the LCT and LCC websites and/or newspaper articles sharing this event. It is the photographer’s responsibility to obtain permission from any person who appears in the photos, including permission from parent or legal guardian for those under the age of 18.

To complete the challenge you must hike 20 different trails by December 31, 2021.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, please take seriously the importance of physical and social distancing, even when you are outdoors. Please keep parking areas, trails and open space safe for everyone, and protect the public at large, by maintaining a minimum of 6 feet of physical distance at all times.

For more information on recent trail guidelines please refer to this link:

Hiking Challenge Rules

  1. Enter your enrollment information on the Littleton Trails Hiking Challenge Enrollment Form
    You only need to enroll one time to complete the Hiking Challenge. Once enrolled, enter all your hikes on the log form.
  2. Hike any 20 trails listed on the Littleton Trails Hiking Challenge Log Form.
    Each hike must be logged and submitted within one week of completion. You must complete the challenge by December 31, 2021.
  3. Anyone, regardless of age can participate in the challenge. We encourage you to complete the hikes with family. Just remember that each person participating in the Hiking Challenge should register themselves on the enrollment form and log their hikes separately. Parents may register and complete a hiking log for their children.
  4. Use good trail ethics. Plan ahead and prepare. Respect wildlife.
  5. Observe Littleton Conservation Land Rules and Regulations.
    Leave no trace. Pack in and pack out.
  6. Dogs are allowed in all of Littleton’s conservation areas. During the COVID-19 crisis we ask, while visiting these areas, that you keep pets on their leash for the safety of everyone. Please clean up after them and don’t leave their waste on the trails. Bag it and take it with you. Please be considerate of others.
  7. Always tell someone where you are going before you hike. Have fun and stay safe.

Need a checklist to keep track of which trails you’ve already hiked?

If you have any questions please contact Amy Green at Littleton Conservation Commission at

For trail information please refer to the Trail Guide on the Littleton Conservation Trust website.