Land Acquisition Opportunities

It has been a while since Littleton acquired open space. Two opportunities are in immediate discussion and at least one other is on the horizon.

The Williams property off Boxborough Road is a major opportunity to make progress on the Open Space and Recreation Plan’s goals, to expand the Newtown Hill Conservation Land and to become a key piece in the larger puzzle of an envisioned bicycle path connecting from Long Lake all the way to the train station. The property has trails that are used for horseback riding and can be expanded for hiking and bicycling use. They already connect to trails in Newtown Hill Conservation Land and pass by the southern end of Doleful Pond.

Click an image in this gallery to view as slideshow. Images courtesy of Rick Findlay.

32.25 acres will likely be sold for development if the town doesn’t acquire them. 20 – 25 homes might be able to built in this space and add to the cost of municipal services. 32.25 acres of forest also removes about 311,000 pounds of CO2 from the air, almost the same amount 32 houses worth of highly productive solar electricity generation saves in a year.

See this land first hand

The first of at least two public walks of the Williams property will take place on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 4:30pm. Interested parties should park on Boxborough Road and meet town and LCT walk leaders. Another walk, most likely on a weekend, will be planned and announced before the November 16th Special Town Meeting.

CPA Funds and LAND Grant proposed for purchase

The proposal is to purchase this land with CPA funds and a LAND Grant. For the town to proceed, voters need to approve an article on the warrant for the November 16th Special Town Meeting.

We will share more details on this and a nearby DOT Property the State has offered Littleton in our October update, our Fall Newsletter, here on the LCT website and by social media.
encourages all residents to attend this meeting.

For now, mark your calendars for November 16, 2016 and plan to be at Special Town Meeting.

When the additional walk is scheduled we will add it to the LCT events calendar and announce it in our Facebook Group and by email.