Cloverdale History and Visual Tour

Image of meadow at Cloverdale
Cloverdale meadow at dusk

Learn the history of Cloverdale and take a visual tour with this presentation from Jim O’Neil:

As you may know, Cloverdale is in the process of being returned to a meadow and trails from the overgrown tangle of invasives it had become. Contractors were hired for the major work removing trees and invasives. Following their work, a group of volunteers came out on November 19th to clean up roots, branches and smaller remnants of the clearing.

The meadow area was raked by tractor to loosen and remove some material and make the ground less uneven.

Image of a brush pile at Cloverdale
Brush pile at Cloverdale

Other volunteers piled loose material into burn piles for later in the winter when snow helps control the burning.