Restoration 1
Pasture restoration underway with view of meadow in background

Work has recently begun on Cloverdale Conservation Area which is bordered by Great Road and Surrey Road. Cloverdale is a twenty acre property under the control of the Littleton Conservation Commission, which was donated to the Town when the Apple D’Or neighborhood was developed.

The parcel was originally part of  Cloverdale Dairy Farm owned by the Mannion family from the late 1800s until the 1950s. Over the years, invasive plants have taken over the terrain causing a tangle of impassable vegetation and broken trees.

In early 2014 a plan to restore the pasture area and eradicate the invasives was presented to the Community Preservation Committee by members of the Littleton Conservation Trust. Community Preservation Act funding was voted on and approved at the May 2014 Town Meeting.

During the next few weeks, the area along Great Road will be graded and seeded. Before long, the unsightly mass of broken trees and Oriental Bittersweet vines will be transformed into a pleasing vista at the entrance to our town. Future plans include planting of Spring flowering trees and a walking trail around the perimeter. Cloverdale is home to a variety of birds and animals and will become a  wonderful wildlife viewing area for all to enjoy.