Hartwell Scavenger Hunt

We have received some great photos from the recent Scavenger Hunt at the Hartwell Memorial Family Preserve. Thank you to Merilee Wright and Cindy Proulx, our winners of the photo contest. Merilee submitted – Cousins Bonding Time on the Old Stone Bridge and Cindy’s photo features her daughters Amy and Emily with the rock encased in the tree roots.

It was so great to see kids of all ages having fun outside, away from all of life’s distractions, hanging out with their parents.

We’ve also included some other photos that were submitted from the event highlighting some of the various objects sought after on the trails.

Thanks for the great photos!

Click a photo to view them as a slideshow.

Great time for a walk

LCT Trustee Rick Findlay shared these photos of wildflowers he saw while out walking. This time of year the flora and fauna are active and make for many interesting sights on conservation land or in your own backyard.

Image of Yellow Salsify Wildflower
Yellow Salsify
Image of Grass Pink Wildflower
Grass Pink

Littleton Country Fair

Littleton Conservation Trust operated Henry Harvey’s cider press, with apples donated by Nagog Hill Orchard, and promoted Littleton’s conservation lands at the Littleton Country Fair. Children were excited to operate the press and make their own cider.

Children making cider
Children making cider