AMC Family Walk at Oak Hill Well Attended

22 people and 3 dogs enjoyed an AMC Family-led guided walk at Oak Hill on May 21, 2017. The group included many children. Everyone had a good time and the walk went at a slow pace with plenty of rests. Everyone made it to Lookout Rock. There were many smiles there (and rewarded cookies and chocolate).

According to LCT’s Don Maciver, who helped lead the walk, “It was a good experience, especially for the young who were stretched some but did fine. One of the four year olds got a piggy back ride back from Lookout Rock. Truly It was a family experience.” The group got exercise, fresh air and information on the natural history of the area. They enjoyed seeing the cultural aspects – the stagecoach wagon tracks worn-into the bedrock, Bill Vales’ just discovered glacial wash water carved pothole by the wheel tracks, and remains of the pole supporting the cross-chasm cable.

There were photo opportunities on top of Buddha Rock and on Lookout Rock. Based on the known compass heading for the Prudential Tower from Lookout Rock (118 true North), some walkers thought they saw it.