Report Garlic Mustard and other invasive species

Help us map the invasive species in Littleton and, optionally, help us eradicate these invasives. Garlic Mustard is our current focus but report any invasives so we can map them and work on plans to control or remove them.


Garlic Mustard

Garlic Mustard Update — time to bag it up

From LCT Trustee and invasive species guru Rick Findlay: Many thanks to all who have been helping our effort to control Garlic Mustard on conservation lands and throughout town. Plants are now setting seed and should be bagged after pulling. I have some blue bags specifically for this purpose that …
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Garlic Mustard Mapping

Follow the progress as we map Garlic Mustard in Littleton as reported by those using our invasive species reporting form. See the map
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2019 Spring Newsletter

In this issue: • Smith Conservation Land: Managing the Future   • Protecting & Preserving Your Town’s Indigenous Ceremonial Stone Landscape   • Upcoming Walks   • LCT Awarded Grant for Preservation of Native American Ceremonial Stone Landscapes   • Amphibian Brigade: A Rainy Night in Spring on Fort Pond Road   • SVT BioBlitz …
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Garlic Mustard

Help us map and eradicate invasive Garlic Mustard in Littleton

Garlic Mustard is flourishing right now. Pull or weed whack it before it is fully flowered! It is easier as you won’t need to bag it and let it rot in the bags or dispose of it carefully. Littleton Conservation Trust Trustee Rick Findlay is recruiting a volunteer work group …
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Join guest speaker, Scott Smyers, Vice President and Senior Scientist at Oxbow Associates of Boxborough and learn about vernal pools and their importance as a breeding habitat for various species of wildlife, including salamanders and frogs. PLEASE NOTE: THE VENUE FOR THIS EVENT HAS CHANGED.New Location: Public Safety Building. (Acton …
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