Littleton Country Fair

Littleton Conservation Trust operated Henry Harvey’s cider press, with apples donated by Nagog Hill Orchard, and promoted Littleton’s conservation lands at the Littleton Country Fair. Children were excited to operate the press and make their own cider.

Children making cider
Children making cider

History of Massachusetts Forests

This event has already occurred.


Please join Peter Church, Director of Forest Stewardship of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation for a one hour presentation on the state of Massachusetts forests today. The program will give a brief overview of the history of our forests and the internal and external threats our forests face today. Peter will also discuss what DCR, the Commonwealth’s largest landowner, does to help conserve and protect the trees of Massachusetts.

Presentation and refreshments made possible by the Friends of the Reuben Hoar Library.

Littleton Community Farm fundraising event at Red Raven

The Littleton Community Farm (LCF) is launching a fundraising campaign on October 5th at the Red Raven (formerly Scupper Jack’s) where Brian Donahue will give a talk.  Brian is a professor at Brandeis who has written various environmental books on local farming and land use.  He started the Weston Community Farm (Land’s Sake).

Please go here for more details and to register yourself: Please sign up as soon as you can! There is a maximum of 150 guests.

Another Black Bear Sighting

Harvard Rd Black Bear photo by Margaret Park Bridges

Another sighting of a black bear was reported by a resident near Oak Hill this morning, Sunday, August 3, 2014, around 8:00 am. As related by a community alert from the Littleton Police, the bear was reportedly traveling in an area from the Harvard line toward Whitcomb Avenue, Porter Road, and Mill Road.

As always, be aware of your surroundings when hiking on Littleton’s trails. If you encounter a bear in the woods, it is advised that you back away and make loud noises. If you are walking with your dog, keep it leashed and do not approach the bear.

As we have posted previously, the following link from the Center for Wildlife has some very good tips regarding what to do if you encounter a bear in the woods.

Photo by Margaret Park Bridges

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