Fall 2005 Newsletter

October 12, 2005

In this issue: • Great Walking in Littleton by Henry Harvey, M.D.   • Explore the Cobb Memorial Trail by Art Lazarus   • Changes to the LCT Board of Trustees   •

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Spring 2005 Newsletter

April 12, 2005

In this issue: • The Stonewall Initiative: Conserving New England’s Stone Wall Heritage presented by Professor Robert Thorson (annual meeting announcement)   • Annual canoe trip announcement by Steve Sussman   •

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Fall 2004 Newsletter

October 12, 2004

In this issue: • Improving Conservation Land in Littleton by Art Lazarus   • The Fisher – Another Wild Resident of Littleton by Melissa Spurr   • Membership Information — Time to

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Spring 2004 Newsletter

April 12, 2004

In this issue: • Saving Land Lowers Taxes: The Economic Benefits of Open Space and Your Local Tax Rate by Robert Levite, Esq   • Alaska Wilderness: An Incredible Journey into

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Fall 2003 Newsletter

October 12, 2003

In this issue: • Prouty Woods Community Forest — A Success Story by Don MacIver   • New Conservation Land Acquisition for the Trust (Cobb Property) by Art Lazarus   • Littleton’s

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Spring 2003 Newsletter

April 12, 2003

In this issue: • Dr. Ed Bell Forum Featuring: Benjamin Kilham, Author of the Best Selling Book Among the Bears: Raising Orphan Cubs in the Wild   • Who’s Watching You?  

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Fall 2002 Newsletter

October 12, 2002

In this issue: • Now That Days Are Colder by Doreen Morse   • Living With Our Wild Neighbors by Kathy Stevens   • Littleton Trails Updates by Art Lazarus   • Book

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